Juha is in ‘hot area’

Letters, Normal

THE so-called paper landowners in Port Moresby do not know what they are talking about.
I refer to the recent comments by Stanley Piawi, Joe Yami and Dickson Dugubi claiming to be principal landowners of Juha.
I am from Koroba-Lake Kopiago electorate and as far as I know, the place called Juha is in the “hot climate area”, which means Western province.
Furthermore, there is no Huli-speaking people living in Juha.
I call on Mr Piawi, Mr Yami and Mr Dugubi to check the social mapping before claiming to be principal landowners.
They are paper landowners from “cold climate area” and, in this case, Koroba.
Shame on you for claiming other people’s land as yours.


Koroba-Kopiago Amene
Via email