Juha is not located in Southern Highlands but Western

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the location of Juha.
I would like to raise some points on the issue in support of Western province Governor Dr Bob Danaya, North Fly MP Boka Kondra and Phembi Landowner Association chairman John Wabi Sala.
Juha is located in Western province and any dealings, negotiations should take place in the province and not anywhere else.
This is to avoid people claiming to be landowners of Juha as happened in Kokopo and Port Moresby BSA forums.
I was the only public servant the Juha people has ever seen, working and living with them for four years from 1999 to 2002.
Working as a remote community health worker, nobody knows the Juha people and its land better than I do.
I walked and trekked the foothills of the Juha mountain delivering the only government service – health.
I used waste crude oil that seeped out at the base of Juha mountain for my lantern to carry out emergency work at night like helping to deliver babies.
Apart from health services, the Juha people have not seen other services until this day.
Having walked the Juha land, I can only say it is not in Southern Highlands province but is in Nomad LLG of Western province.
I urge Dr Danaya and Mr Kondra to keep up with what you are doing in Juha affairs.
Any forum involving Juha must be done in Western and not anywhere else .
Both MPs and Phembi Landowners Association chairman can contact me for more information.


Martin Roy