Junior Village World Cup cricket ready for bat-off


WITH the Barramundis’ historic participation in the World Cup ending last night, Cricket PNG (CPNG) and the PNGAus Partnership will host the Junior Village World Cup at Amini Park in Port Moresby tomorrow.
“After the successful Village World Cup last weekend, we will have Under-13 boys and U15 girls participating and representing the countries of the World Cup,” CPNG said in a statement yesterday. “The tournament will be held in accordance with the lockdown measures, including that at no time will there be 20 or more people on the field, all participants must have been vaccinated, and no spectators will be present.
“Last weekend, we saw our local teams embrace the occasion of the World Cup. This weekend, we expect more of the same.” Teams: U13 boys — Ireland (William Arua Rarua Liklik Cricket, Hanuabada), Oman (Pari Liklik Cricket), Bangladesh (Gabi Liklik Cricket, Hanuabada), PNG (Tubusereia Lakwaharus Liklik Cricket), Sri Lanka (Kilakila Liklik Cricket), Namibia (Porebada Malagas Cricket); U15 girls – Netherlands (Tubusereia Lakwaharus Liklik Cricket), India (William Arua Rarua Liklik Cricket, Hanuabada), Australia (Kilakila Liklik Cricket), New Zealand ( Pari Liklik Cricket), Scotland (Porebada Malagas Cricket), England (Gabi Liklik Cricket, Hanuabada).