Junk food in schools


THE front page of The National on Thursday last week has encouraged me to share my views on junk foods in schools and how some teachers are not helping.
Teachers in some Port Moresby schools are themselves selling junk foods to children.
Instead of the children learning positive things from the teacher in class, they are being sold junk foods.
I decided not to give money to my child but other children are sharing. I have seen teachers sell coffee candies, stick lollies, mints, chewing gums, etc, in the classroom.
When recess time comes, junk foods are already on the teachers’ table in the classroom. I am referring to babies attending kindergartens and prep schools being sold junk
Teachers also ask the children to take money to class for a purpose not deemed reasonable, like contribute towards the teacher’s relative’s funeral expenses. I live around Tokarara and there is a small school there where teachers do this.
These extracurricular demands on the children put too much burden on the parents.
The Education Department should look into it.

Concerned parent

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