Just concentrate on fixing the Jimi highway first, Dop

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 4th September, 2012

THERE were many letters in this column regarding service delive­ry in Jimi by former MPs.
Thus, it was normal to hear new
MP Mai Dop talk about delivering
ser­vices and his plans at UPNG.
His predecessors said the same things and failed miserably.
Of the candidates who stood for election, he was the best of the lot.
As a Kopun, he knows what we need most urgently and it is none other than fixing, upgrading and maintaining the Jimi highway.
The MP also promised to seal all the roads in the electorate.
In my opinion, if he were to do just that, it will surely exhaust all the development funds.
For a start, he should just concentrate on the highway, it  is our lifeline.

Frequent Traveller