Just too much filth in our capital city

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

PORT Moresby is our capital city but it is filthy.
We see plastic bags, betelnut shells and stains, leaking sewerage, graffiti, etc, all over the place.
The city is also filled with two-legged rubbish; aggressive, dirty-looking people, unemployed people who have migrated from the villages, undisciplined and uncommitted working people with betelnut-stained teeth and old PMVs.There is a lack of public toilets in the city, forcing some people to use the bushes as latrines.
We should not have such eyesores to welcome foreigners.
Just look at Gordon, Erima, Wai­gani and Hohola markets where our drunk, aggressive people and the un­hygienic environment have scared many, including our own people, from marketing at these places.
Do you think foreigners would go there?Is this the image we are trying to portray to the outside world?
Is this the type of democracy our country is practising?
We have one too many stupid, animalistic people. When are we going to change our attitudes to improve our city’s image? What are our politicians’ plans?Every time a foreign diplomat vi­sits PNG, he/she is given a red carpet welcome at Jackson Airport.
After that, he is escorted into a heavily-tinted vehicle and is quickly driven past Erima or Gordon’s market.This is a sad state of affairs. We are pretending to be okay with our over-exercised democracy.
We say we are a democratic country and push the boundaries of demo­cracy that result in crazy be­haviours.  Most of our good citizens and peace-loving people are already frustrated and if given the chance, would emigrate without a thought.
I suggest the new government repatriate people without any purpose in the city for free to their home provinces. If needed, they should be moved by force with the assistance of the Royal PNG Constabulary and PNG Defence Force. The only reasonable people to remain in the city would be students, working people, disciplined force personnel and business people.
Everyone else should be sent back to their place of origin because they would only be a nuisance to the purpose-driven people in the city.
They would make life miserable for both Papua New Guineans and foreigners.
This technique must also be applied in other provincial centres such as Lae and Mt Hagen.

Fed up and frustrated
Port Moresby