Justice sector members attend alcohol awareness workshop

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 28th August, 2012

PART of a partnership between the Law and Justice Sector Secretariat (LJSS) and the Louis Vengeke Centre (LVC) saw members of the LJSS attending one of the first alcohol awareness education initiatives conducted by new graduates of the LVC “training of trainers” workshop last week.
LJSS officer Arab Kirio said the organisation had been working with LVC to have its trainers deliver the message about alcohol abuse to the public.
He said the secretariat provided the funding and logistical support for Sister Therese of LVC to facilitate two workshops where 28 volunteers were trained.
“The training was to educate the volunteers to teach members of their community about alcohol abuse and other related issues,” he said.   
“For the first time Year 6-8 students from Sabusa village were educated on the physiological consequences of consuming alcohol and other drugs,” Kirio said. 
The participants were taught the addictive nature of alcohol beverages and drugs and the potential they had to cause harm.