K1.1 million for Kapari

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KAPARI village in the Abau district of Central province received K1.1 million last weekend from the Government through the National Agricultural Development Plan (NADP) for its village-based agricultural integrated projects.
Local MP and Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu  told the people that Kapari was the first village to receive direct funds from the National Government under this initiative.
Sir Puka told the people to utilise the funds provided for agricultural purposes and urged the community leaders to manage the funds properly.
“These resources will help the community leaders to manage the community and would no longer depend on us MPs to manage, as we sometimes are inconsistence with our duties,” Sir Puka said.
He said this would also enhance the leadership quality of village leaders to effectively manage such projects to sustain the community.
Sir Puka also stressed that PNG must not rely on extractive industries such as gold, copper, oil and gas alone but must focus more on agriculture.
NADP executive director Valentine Kambori, who was also present, said Kapari was a model for other villages throughout PNG to follow and added that villages must come up with meaningful and appropriate plans to secure funds to sustain their communities.