K1.1bil for Hagen

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday, June 8th 2011

THE Western Highlands government is rolling out its K1.1 billion Mt Hagen city re-development.
Public tenders were advertised last week for the demolition of the razed provincial headquarters to pave way for a new one.
Governor Tom Olga told media personnel that the national government had released K4 million recently out of K25 million committed by Sir Michael Somare last year during the launching of the plan.
Olga said his government was taking on board some of the national government’s responsibilities like the extension of Kagamuga Airport, improving water supply and waste management, road works to incorporate them into the city master plan.
He said the cost of rolling out the plan would be shared between the provincial and national government, with some coming from donor agencies.
He said the plan would be implemented over a 15-year period.
Olga said the master plan was one of his policies in his vision set out in 2008.
He said some of his policies achieved so far included the Baiyer-Madang highway, which is under construction; increased funding for road maintenance in the province, revival of Baiyer zoo, establishment of ward development plans, supporting sports, promoting tourism, paying school fees subsidies for students attending high and secondary schools in the province, installing stability in the public machinery and many others.
He said the province now had a proper development plan in place and that would guide what they would deliver to the people.
Olga said his plan was in line with the national government’s Vision 2050.
He said he needed the cooperation of everyone, including public servants, business houses and other stakeholders in the province.