K1.4m set aside for public toilets

National, Normal

VILLAGES in remote areas of New Ireland province can now enjoy the sanitary of modern toilets, thanks to their Governor Sir Julius Chan.
The provincial government had undertaken in this years budget to build public toilets in towns and rural centres as an initiative to lift the dignity and standards of hygiene of New Irelanders across the province.
A total of K400,000 was earmarked to build 20 toilets but due to popular demand the figure had risen to more than 30.
With more than K1.4 million allocated in this year’s budget for the project; Kavieng, Konos and Namatanai would have toilets built at the markets, playgrounds, airports and other public centres with work planning to be kicked off in the New Year.
Sir Julius commented that he may be branded “the Governor for haus pekpek”(governor of toilets), but he had no problems with that, adding that the important human need for toilet facilities were not available in the towns, public parks and shopping centres therefore, he had committed his government to provide these public amenities to accord New Irelanders the dignity they deserve.
“We care for the children in free and stabilised education – the old and disabled; agriculture and infrastructure projects are moving like a whirlwind, now we must begin to lift the living standards of the people,” he said.
Under the programme, the government wanted to set the minimum standard for proper sanitation and hygiene, and educate the public about healthy living standards and practices.