K10mil Daru wharf opens

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The National, Monday 3rd June 2013

 DARU hopes to experience economic growth following the opening of the K10 million Trestle Wharf last Friday.

Western Governor Ati Wobiro and PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP) chief executive officer David Sode.

The old Trestle Wharf had been out of action since 2008, leading to a rise in the cost of goods being shipped to the island, long and expensive cargo delays and inconvenience to Daru residents and businesses.

Following a request from PNG Ports Corporation, PNGSDP agreed to fund the full cost of demolishing the old wharf and building a bigger and better one.

“Today we can see the physical fruits of our funding,” Sode told a large crowd at the opening. 

“Trestle Wharf is a modern, well-built facility that will serve Daru for generations to come.

“Its biggest benefit for Daru residents is that it is primarily a passenger-light cargo wharf – whenever the old wharf closed, passengers had to use the dump area at Tawo’o Point, which was unsafe.”.

“I expect to see other benefits as well – in the longer term – that included an increase in economic activity, lower cargo costs and quicker turn-around time for vessels and ultimately lower costs for imported goods.

“There will be more business opportunities for local people and more employment.

“Good infrastructure makes life easier and better for everyone, and this is what PNGSDP projects are all about.”

PNGSDP fully-funded the K10 million cost of demolishing the old wharf and building a new one.

PNG Ports assisted the project by supplying labour and staff, land and facilities for equipment and storage and other services. 

The corporation is responsible for maintaining the wharf.