K155,000 compo paid

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The National, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

THE Sipaka tribe of lower Kagul, in the Tambul district of Western Highlands, has paid K155,000 and 187 pigs as compensation to the families of the six people who died in a car accident last January.
Apart from the money and pigs, 17 cows, a horse, seven pythons, two goats, five cassowaries, 12 cuscus, two sheep and a crocodile were paid to the relatives last Saturday.
The compensation was held at Kiripia Pena and witnessed by more than 20,000, including Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, Civil Aviation Minister and Tambul- Nebilyer MP Benjamin Poponawa, Wewak MP Dr Moses Manwau, Mt Giluwe LLG president John Pulgma and former privatisation minister and Tambul-Nebilyer MP Vincent Auali.
The compensation was made to the family members of the six people who had died in the accident at Paia Kona, a spot better known as a “death trap” for people travelling the Highlands Highway towards Wabag.
Of the six people who died, two were from Enga and Southern Highlands and the others were from the Pereka and the Kipaka tribes of Western Highlands.
 Auali commended the relatives of the victims for accepting the compensation.
He said compensation “is one of the very important ways that can help bring peace among the lives of the people”.
Manwau praised the people, especially those from Lower Kagul, “for having the heart to sacrifice to make peace”.