K18.6m for Magi Highway upgrade

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FIFTEEN kilometres of the Magi Highway in Central will soon be sealed under the K18.6 million road upgrade project funded by World Bank and PNG government.
World Bank project director Gariga Gabi said the project was under the bank’s road maintenance and rehabilitation programme and would start as soon as the letter of award was issued to the successful road construction company.
“The road upgrade to seal will be conducted between the Alepa turn-off and Ormond Bridge and the road between Obaha and Bukuku villages,” Gabi said.
He said the project would benefit more than 1,000 people as far east as Marshall Lagoon, who frequent the highway to and from Port Moresby.
“Condition is very bad on these sections of the road which costs the users dearly in travel time and cost of vehicle maintenance.
“Sealing of the road will save them the inconveniences they currently put up with,” he said.
Gabi said the Magi Highway upgrade was the next new project the bank was working on as it continued to achieve its annual target to successfully support maintenance and rehabilitation of 500km of PNG national roads.
Current projects include a socio-economic baseline study between Malalaua and Kerema in Gulf and the reconstruction of a 24km stretch between Kepamai and Uamai Bridge along Hiritano Highway.
Global Construction Ltd was awarded K23.9 million to complete the reconstruction by next November.