K1mil for street kids issue

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CHILD and Family Services (CFS) director Simon Yanis says only K1 million of the K4 million allocated by the National Government would be used to address the plight of street children.
Yanis said K3 million of the funds would be used to create an official database for homeless, abused, underprivileged and unfortunate children in the country.
He said it would also be used to upgrade the CFS office with staff to ensure it functioned independently and reported to the minister responsible, as they used to go through the office of Community Development and Religion.
He said CFS was now functioning on its own and the K3 million would be used for operations.
Yanis said part of it would be used to create a database to have official records and statistics on the children that it was monitoring.
He said the system would also be up-datable in order for CFS to have current information, and partner with organisations and to base future planning, strategies, policies and allocations on.
Yanis said media reported that the Government had given CFS K4 million for the street children issue was incorrect. He said only a quarter of that amount would be used for that purpose.


  • Children are responsihilities of parents. If children running around on the street then it means the parent are not able to sustain them all in the urban area so they must return home to their village.

  • We also have disadvantaged children in the remote communities. Orphans from sorcery accusation killings, tribal/clan fights and many growing up without parents with relatives. Can these children be taken care of by CFS? Why only in Port Moresby?

  • This is encouraging more and more street kids to fill the urban streets and asking for more influx of orphan, uneducated, bastards, homeless, and all types of street kids, even back from remote areas.

    Why not provide a long term plan and implement to control and minimise. This is a waste of money on non-benefiting business. Parents and relatives have the sole responsibility to produce kids and look after as they deserve. Not to leave on streets because streets did not bored the kids.

  • There are children who are suffering silently in rural areas too. Children begging in the streets of POM are mostly are of lazy parents who only take advantage of those giving blindly. Children in the villages do not get the same favors. Simon Yanis please do a proper analysis before you mistakenly squander hardworking taxpayers’ money.

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