K2 million for Lower Bena

Highlands, Normal


THE people of Lower Bena in the Unggai-Bena district, Eastern Highlands province, have received K2 million for different projects in the area.
President of Lower Bena local level government Jerika Aki, Unggai-Bena district administration and the National Planning and Monitoring office made it possible for the the money to be released to them.
Mr Aki and district administrator Radis Bayupe, who were instrumental in pursuing documentation through the Department of National Planning and Monitoring to secure the funds, said K200,000 would be for dry land rice projects, K800,000 would be for the Kintunu Lutheran church and K1 million for roads and bridges upgrade.
An elated Mr Aki told a media conference that securing the money was a culmination of excellent collaborative efforts from the district administration staff, including his seven wards councillors and two nominated womens representatives, and National Planning office.
“Mr Bayupe and his technical team helped to do the rice project, church and transport project documentation,” Mr Aki said.
He said the money was public money which should be spent in a transparent manner to benefit the people of the area.
Mr Aki also thanked Unggai-Bena MP and Minister for Environment and Conservation, Benny Allan, for his part in securing the money.
“Many roads which missed out on DSIP fund will benefit from the K1 million, which will help rural farmers and coffee growers in bringing their produce to the market,” Mr Aki said.
He applauded the Somare-Temu Government for giving priority to facilities in the district to be improved, saying  the efforts would trickle down to the district.
“I also thank secretary for National Planning Joseph Lelang and his staff for making it possible for his LLG to secure the fund,” Mr Aki said.
Mr Bayupe thanked Mr Aki for his pursuance to secure the fund and Mr Allan for giving support to the district to develop.
“Empowering rural people has been the focus of the district, the K1 million for the road would compliment rural road improvements,” Mr Bayupe said.