K20 million for Tari Hospital

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THE Government has released K20 million for the redevelopment of the  rundown Tari district hospital in the Southern Highlands.
Governor  Anderson  Agiru received the cheque from Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch in Port Moresby last week.
Yesterday, he thanked the Government for honoring its commitment made to the people of Tari and Hela three years ago.
He is expecting another K20 million for the project.
Acting Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu had announced at the Andaija oval in Tari on Sept 20,2007, that the Government planned to upgrade the Tari hospital to a general hospital status.
Mr Agiru said following Sir Puka’s announcement, he had been working hard to secure the allocation.
He said the upgrade would be another milestone development undertaken by the Somare-Temu Government and that he was proud to be part of a Government that was really reaching out to the people in service delivery and infrastructural development.
Chief  medical officer for the hospital Dr Bravy Koensong, who was appointed about a year ago, was equally elated with the news.
He said he had been trying to raise the standard of the hospital to a general hospital status.
A memorandum of agreement will be signed to transfer powers of the hospital from the provincial government to the National Department of Health.
Dr Koensong said the upgrade would only strengthen the agreement and commended Mr Agiru, Health Secretary Dr Clement Malau, Mr Zibe and the National Government for their vision and leadership in redeveloping Tari hospital.
He said  he was confident the health sector in Tari and Hela would lead other government agencies in the preparatory work of the new Hela province.