K200,000 boost for WIB

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THE Government has chipped in K200,000 to help a group of women stage their expo in Lae in February.
Minister for Commerce and Industry Gabriel Kapris, when presenting the cheque to the Women in Business (WIB) president Janet Sape, acknowledged the role WIB play in helping women at grassroots level and encouraged them to continue to assist more unfortunate women.
 “I encourage the WIB to continue with this important role so that most of our unfortunate mothers in the rural areas and in settlements in the urban centres would have the benefit of being part of these vital services provided through the WIB movement.”
The minister stressed most of our womenfolk at this period in history of our country are at a disadvantaged situation and such movements as the WIB plays an important role to capacitate them.
Mr Kapris said such assistance was to improve the capacity of women so that they could come together and become active participants in developing this nation and challenged the WIB that transparency, accountability and good governance were very important.