K20mil for students affected by quake


Schools and students from Hela attending various educational institutions in the country have received a K20 million New Year’s bonanza from their provincial government.
The Hela government on Friday paid out K15 million to all the schools in the province affected by the earthquake earlier this year to rebuild new infrastructure like classrooms, teachers’ houses and others.
Governor Philip Undialu and his provincial executive council (PEC) allocated another K5 million for 2019 school fee subsidies for Hela students attending tertiary institutions in the country.
Undialu said the money was sourced from the infrastructure development grants recently given by the National Government totalling K26 million.
“The real landowners are back in the province and not roaming the streets of Port Moresby,” he said.
“We have done the right thing by securing our future through education.”
The highest beneficiary was Kuluanda Primary school in Tari which received K710,000.
The school is run by the Catholic Church and comes under Mendi diocese.
People from Koroba-Kopiago will benefit from good roads.
The provincial government gave K6.5 million to a contractor to start constructing Karida-Maria-Pori and Kopiago roads.

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