K23m for Mendi’s road project

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GOVERNOR-General Sir Bob Dadae has signed on behalf of the State, a multimillion kina project for the rehabilitation and upgrading of roads in Mendi, Southern Highlands.
The contract valued at K23,060,311.18 will be fully funded by the Government.
Rehabilitation and upgrading of Mendi town roads will be carried out on the western front of the Mendi airport (1.8km), an urban section along the Government building (0.68km) and road along the Mendi Market (0.55km).
Work on the roads is expected to last 12 months.
Construct Oceanic Ltd, a local company, was awarded the contract.
Company representatives Sape Molumi and Max Umbu signed the contract in the presence of Works Secretary David Wereh at Government House on Thursday. Minister for Works and Implementation Michael Nali and Governor of Southern Highlands William Powi also in attended.


  • Is this news report correct? K23 million for 3Km road? So the cost per Km is K7.7m??

    Is the figure wrong or is this a fishy deal?

  • Just another political gamer again as we are nearing into 2022 national election.
    Local company doesn’t have wealth of knowledge, experiences and resources to handle such a multi national project. That’s another form of money laundry, aiming towards 2022 national election for political gaining interest. Local company should attach as a sub contractor only, award the project to the provincial works so money goes back to the entire province not to one single selfish.

  • Southern Highlands we have so many problems to solve regarding Provincial Administration for considerations like Health issues and Educations as per lists goes on,not the bulk of the populations will benefit from this selfish project like road,People will be good health to us roads,educations and so forth project that a like to bring harmony in life,we have people dying in the buses of Kutubu.Mt Bosave fighting causing needed and life supporting services not reaching the village people in the remote villages,Mendi have not been changes even thou we have huge money budget for the provinces,Provincial Authorities and elected Members can we put a planning in order to bring the services to the remote people who are suffering and yet we turn a blind eyes and pretending to the national and international community that everything is ok and fine with a big and huge money spend on services will no where near will have direct benefit to my remote village of Mt Bosavi,The blood of those innocent life lost in curable disease will be accountable by us all who made decisions.

  • If this K23 million is for Mendi town road alone, I am confused, this is a big deal.

  • It is crystal clear that this Project is awarded to the local company indirectly for their own fair share.
    Bureaucratic propaganda and politically motivated-See clearly how CORRUPT the PNG Political System is!!!!

  • Went Costing out road construction, bear in mind that there are other service utility providers, Eda Ranu, PNG Power and Water PNG, so that is why cost goes up, depends now on the contractor to budget and ensure these utilities run along side the road!

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