K240mil BSP loan given to NCD road projects

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TREASURER Ian Ling-Stuckey has endorsed a K240 million loan from Bank South Pacific for roads in the National Capital District.
He said the work of the James Marape-led Government was continuing despite the current political situation.
The event was witnessed by Minister for Housing and Urban Development and Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko and Works Department secretary David Wereh at Manasupe Haus this week.
“We must not let politics get in the way of PNG’s development as we await important decisions from our courts,” the Treasurer said.
“Of course, if the Government is hijacked by the Opposition, then possibly new contracts will need to be considered.
“In the process of continuing Government operations, I have endorsed additional road projects within the NCD area.
“The extended facility limits of K240 million as endorsed by the National Executive Council ensures the outstanding debt guarantees to the original limit set in 2015 of K375 million is not exceeded.
“So in net terms, these additional Port Moresby roads are based on not exceeding the debt limits set by the previous governments,” Ling-Stuckey said.
He said the roads would be financed from the BSP loan.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the loan was obtained to build four-lane roads connecting several part of the city, including 9-Mile to Laloki, 9-Mile to 17-Mile into Central and from Gerehu roundabout to other parts of the city.


  • If its a loan, why cant we spend it on the resource project areas roads where we can atleast get return on investments. Spending it in pom will only encourage, more rural urban drift.

    I know of a good one, Kikori to Tari, following the oil and gas pipeline. There is already an exiting dirt road at least to Oma and Paua vilages (PDL5,PDL 6). This road can be used by the developers to service the pipelines that are holding our economy together and also provide business opportunities for landowners living along that section.

  • I do agree with Nox, Too much funds were and/or are put to infrastructural developments for Port Moresby. Why not invest in Provinces where the investment can bring high return, that is, provinces that are contributing higher revenue to the country. Most of the infrastructures in other provinces are not in good state. This big amount of money could make good use to other provinces where there are needs for better infrastructures.

  • Need to stop wasting money on roads in Port Moresby and be serious about developing roads in rural areas that will serve majority of our people.

  • This is the initiative of the NCD Governor and the three members in NCD. Other provinces have their Members in Parliament both Regional and Open, they too can secure loan like this so that the current government can support as Minister for Treasury did. BSP in not in Kanya or Brazil. Its here in PNG. Leaders need to be visionary.

  • The treasurer is also confused! Why take a loan to spend rather than investing in Resource Projects? Every PM and Ministers want to develop Port Moresby only. What has Port Moresby?
    Invest where money can be made!

  • Exxon Mobil, PMJM, PO, Michael Nali, David Wereh know that the road from Mendi to Tari needs to be upgraded and sealed. This road is seriously in a bad state………….When are they going to seal this section of the road?

    Millions are coming from the Oil and Gas yet this section linking the 2 Provinces lack the only basic service that could benefit everyone.

  • Mosbi! Mosbi! Mosbi!!

    What is the extent of the economic viability of POM??? How much does it generate annually to boost our economy!!???
    The rest of PNG that owns mineral resources and agricultural resources plus the majority of the countries population are humping their produce on dirt roads!!! They are traveling on bumpy roads to sell their produce!! and eke out a living!!!

    Yupla ol politician ya ! Blody dimwitted numbskulls!!!!
    Bagarapim PNG wantem greed blo yupla!!!
    Invest in the development of the country! Enough of investing in your own development!

    Mosbi can never have a road system as classy as the rest of the world!!!! Inap naw lo driman!!!

  • The previous government spend billions of Kina to develop Port Moresby! What other areas in Port Moresby need development? Haven’t we done enough beautifying Port Moresby.
    The Highlands/Okuk Highway, the lifeline of PNG needs a complete revamp, if politicians are looking for projects for funding.
    Stop wasting public funds on Port Moresby only!

  • isn’t Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko supposed to be on holiday in Vanimo with Namah’s solid team
    Perhaps he is back in town to bid at the 2nd or is it 3rd Maserati auction

  • Re the Tari-Kikori road
    If the government negotiating team hadn’t been bending over to get Exxon and the first LNG operating the state could have demanded that the Highlands Gulf Road was a pre-condition of allowing the mining company to extract the resource. Instead it gave away tax concession, tax-free imports, and crazily PNG having to pay the Singapore w/s price for the oil dug out of PNG soil.

  • Mr. Treasurer, other MPs have done major improvements in their districts and Provinces like this one. What about you? If BK can so something about Law & order in his district, what have you done with the ongoing New Hanover conflict that is deteriorating the island communities right in front of your eyes?

  • Why dont we use part of the money to build Homes for ordinary working class people. Housing is another major crisis that is not been address properly.

  • NCD MPs are doing their part. The onus is on our elected MPs and Governors to do their part as well for infrastructure development in their respective Provinces and Districts.

  • The Highlands highway is in tatters and is very bad at this stage!! What is happening> Contractors have dug up stretches of bitumen and have left to deteriorate.
    Treasurer and PM should pay a visit and kick some assess to speed up or pack up and leave!!!

  • NCDC is doing what is obligated as a subnational government for the it’s populace and capital city. NCDC will repay this loan through its normal budgetary allocations annually. Whats wrong with this? All elected leaders are allocated k50m during their term in parliment either through DSIP or PSIP. Why can’t they use this funds to obtain commercial loans to build thier owm infrastructure. Is it too hard? Stop grumbling? NCDC is only doing what is mandatory and responsible for the capital city.
    Equally, Enga PG apart from NCDC, is most probably the only PG that has fully utilised all avenues to fully fund all infrastructure development and still progressing. Top marks to its vibrant administration, leadership and GCSPI. All provinces and its governors and members should follow the benchmark set by EPG.
    NCDC by no means developing our capital city. Nothing wrong but only requires state guarantee. Full support to the city authority and government.

  • Time and again, we heard of exorbitant amount of loans being squandered on existing road networks in the city of Port Moresby along whilst our people in remote parts of the country are crying for roads with loads of bags walking miles to access services.

  • I support the idea of Nox.
    Port Moresby has been getting more funds than any other province in PNG. We try to develop other province with the the resources.

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