K25m road link for Gulf

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013


A PLANNED K25 million road will help the people of Kaintiba in the hinterlands of Malalaua district, in Gulf, access basic services easily.

National Planning Minister Charles Abel officiated at the groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday.

Local MP Richard Mendani secured the K25m from the Government to link Malalaua to Kaintiba, Menyamya in Morobe, and Obura in Eastern Highlands.

The people take more than a week to walk from Kaintiba to Malalaua carrying their farm produce along bush tracks to the market. 

Mendani told the people delivery of goods and services would be made easier if there was a proper road.

“Gulf people are the first contacts with the white men,” he said. 

“However, we are not developing because there is no road links in the province. 

“So many developments are taking place in the highlands region because they are connected through the Highlands Highway, which makes it easier for them to access what is available in the country and abroad.”

He said the people of Kaintiba were mostly farmers who grew more than five million coffee plants. But most of the coffee produced was left to rot because of the lack of roads to access markets.

The new road will connect the Momase and Highlands regions. 

Kana Construction Ltd has been contracted to build the 70km highway.

Company director Roxon Undi said work should begin in two weeks.

He said they would need to clear bushes before stating on the first 16km and build the road phase by phase.