K28m for Komo-Margarima health centres

National, Normal


THE people of Komo-Margarima in Southern Highlands province, received K28 million from the National Government as an ‘Independence Day gift’ for the reconstruction of three new rural hospitals in the electorate.
Local MP Francis Potape announced this during the 34th Independence Day celebrations last Wednesday at Margarima station.
Mr Potape said part of the money would also be used to upgrade rundown health infrastructures in the electorate, which is the host for the multi-million kina PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
He said the aging Margarima health centre had been allocated K9.4 million for redevelopment and upgrading.
The Member said the Komo heath centre, which was destroyed during tribal warfare in 2001, was allocated K9.4 million for its upgrading to a rural hospital.
District administrator Tumbi Yarim, said the K28 million was already in the district treasury account and a public tender would be called for through the central supplies and tenders board (CSTB) for qualified contractors to bid for the constructions of these hospitals and health care facilities.