K2mil funds payout


THE Government is distributing the final K2 million component of the service improvement programme (SIP) to the 111 districts for 2019.
The Department of Implementation and Rural Development had already released K6 million. The total allocation per district for the programme is K8 million.
Department secretary Aihi Vaki reminded the administrations to be mindful of the requirements and the prerequisites that should be adhered to qualify for access to development grants.
“The money is for rural people and is intended to improve lives through effective service delivery,” he said.
He said for the purpose of transparency, accountability and good governance, MPs should comply with administrative guidelines and financial instructions on the use of the funds.
The funds should be spent on projects such as roads, education and health infrastructure, sustainable programmes in partnership with local communities to improve living standards.
Officials from the department will from next year visit each province and district to assess projects and programmes implemented on the ground.
“(It) is aimed at maintaining accountability, transparency and good governance because huge development grants were front-loaded to sub-national levels who fail to furnish reports so as lack of implementation.”
He said in order to access development grants, MPs should provide copies of provincial and district SIP budget plans, previous year’s SIP physical implementation and financial reports, district meeting resolutions and five-year development plan.