K3.65m set for Sonoma

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

A TOTAL of K3.65 million has been set aside to build additional facilities at the Sonoma Adventist College and St Mary’s Hospital in Vunapope, East New Britain.
The Sonoma Adventist College dormitories will be upgraded for K2 million to cater for the increase in business, commerce and accounting students.
At St Mary’s Vunapope, additional single female nurses’ quarters and other accommodation renovations will cost K1.65 million.
According to the ENB administration, the funds provided under the Incentive Funds facilitated by AusAID in the province were part
of the roll-out of
supporting capacity building for education
to be completed by
next year.
The school’s director of corporate affairs Ephreddie Jubilee said the initiative was open to agencies wanting to improve or upgrade facilities in areas of social and economic development.
She said the initiative was another source of funding provided
jointly by the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea to improve the standards of living and alleviate poverty.
Jubilee encouraged potentials to think outside the box and utilise the opportunity to bring about tangible outcomes.
She said there were not always adequate funds provided annually for institutions in ENB and urged respective school boards to use the opportunity.