K30,000 committed for Siassi

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge has challenged the Siassi district leaders to set the right precedence and footsteps to lead other districts in the province.
While committing K30,000 to assist the district for their initiative in opening a ‘trust account’ to work in partnership with overseas churches, Wenge said that Siassi people were fortunate.
“You need to recognise and understand the original soil where to plant yam, taro, banana and vegetables. Never get confused with the soil structure and its formation. That could confuse you to plant your seedlings on wrong soil,” Wenge said.
Wenge, in the presence of Defence Minister and Kabwum MP Bob Dadae, told the Siassi district president Rev Joshua Max and executives to collect the monies on Monday.
The announcement was witnessed by the local and overseas delegates at the gathering to end a week’s 100-year anniversary celebration of the first Lutheran missionary Rev George Bamler to the island on April 28, 1911, held at Lablab mission station last Sunday.
While acknowledging the invaluable effort of Bamler and the evangelists, as a result, Siassi Islanders had proven, and were way ahead of having more educated elites.
When the missionaries arrived, education and health services were given priority, setting the foundation for local evangelists in Finschhafen, Jabem and Siassi districts to read, write and comprehend the word of God.
Siassi and Jabem locals went as far Menyamya district in Morobe and Wabag in Enga which the evangelists walked rugged terrains and jungles blanketed by rain, sun and moon with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Meanwhile, Dadae urged current generations to recognise and realise the purpose and the achievement of Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG established by German and Australian missionaries.
“Where and how do we go from now on after 100 years?
“We are fortunate, therefore to set our focus on the right direction to lead the country,” Dadae said.