K30,000 for Kaugl Valley Association

National, Normal

The National – Monday, December 20, 2010

THE Kaugl Valley Visionary Development Association in the Tambul-Nebilyer district, Western Highlands, received more than K30,000 from local MP Benjamin Poponawa.
Poponawa, who is also the Civil Aviation Minister, presented the funds to different church denominations in the Lower Kaugl area.
He presented K5,000 each to all the churches during the launching of the association last Tuesday at Konjilel village.
The association was formed by more than 5,000 people from the three big tribes in the Lower Kaugl namely Glaulga, Peraka and Mondika.
The association aims to promote peace and harmony, discourage tribal
fighting, encourage infrastructure developments through self-reliant projects, promote church and cultural values and conserve rainforests.
Poponawa, while presenting the money, commended the people for taking initiative to help themselves.
He told the crowd that he was happy that at last his people were organising themselves to become partners in the development of the district, adding that this was the first time that his people really wanted to help themselves.
Poponawa said the government would be happy to assist people organising themselves to improve their quality of life, bring in development and maintain peace and harmony in the district.
He told his people not to expect handouts from the government, but instead, do what they could do to help themselves.
He said under his leadership, the people witnessed many developments taking place in Tambul like the upgrading and sealing of Tomba to Tambul road, electricity supply and up grading of feeder roads among others.
Poponawa said most of the work was progressing well.
Association chairman Danny Gonol said the bottom line of forming the group was people helping people, adding that the people wanted to become partners in the development and take the lead themselves.
Gonol said recently, the people took the initiative to clean the road and other services.
He said with the launching of their association, it boosted their morale to do more for their community.