K300,000 road planned to open door to the world


MP Geoffrey Kama has allocated K300,000 for two roads to be built to connect the Karamui Salt Nomane district to the rest of Chimbu.
Local people have been using bush tracks to walkto the nearest town for health and other vital services.
The electorate is isolated and accessible only by air. It records high infant and maternal mortality rates because of poor health services and the lack of medicines.
The 34km road will be from Karamui to Kilau, opening up Karamui Salt Nomane for the first time.
Thirty two council wards are engaged in clearing the bushes before the the excavators move in.
The second phase will be the constructing of a new bridge across River Waghi between Gogo and Dauli.
“I’m doing this for my people who have been missing out on basic services for years,” Kama said.
“Road and bridge infrastructure remains the top priority.”