K4.4m funds under probe

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EDUCATION Secretary Dr Uke Kombra is facing fraud-related charges involving K4.4 million allegedly paid to a company in 2016 to produce and deliver school materials, but failed to do so.
Kombra, 54, of Dobel village in Mount Hagen district, Western Highlands was charged with two counts of abuse of office and two counts of misappropriation.
He allegedly approved the payment of K4.4 million to Treid Pacific (PNG) Ltd to deliver school materials such as text books, teachers guide books and syllabus to elementary and primary schools around the country.
Police alleged that the materials were not delivered.
Director of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate Chief Supt Mathew Damaru confirmed that Kombra was invited to the directorate office in Konedobu where he was interviewed.
After the arrest procedure was completed, he was taken to the Boroko police station and put in the cell. He was later released on a K3,000 bail. He is expected to appear before the District Court for committal proceedings.
Dumaru said investigations were continuing and they expected to make more arrests in relation to the case.
It is alleged that on Feb 11 2016, the Government awarded a K7.9 million contract to Treid Pacific (PNG) Ltd to develop, publish, print and supply the described materials to schools.
The condition was that 20 per cent of the amount would be paid up front to the company and the balance when the production and delivery of the materials were completed.
It is alleged that after the signing of the contract, the full amount of the contract (K4.4mil) was paid to the company. Kombra as head of the Education Department approved the payment.
It is alleged that the school materials were never produced nor supplied by the company to the schools.
Police also alleged that Kombra, as education secretary, failed to order an investigation into why the materials were not delivered despite the “full payment” being made to the company.


  • This person with PhD has no credibility, SHAME. Rumour was that Dr Sinebare was sacked from this office when he refused to sign this very same contract.

  • Dr. Uke Kombra,

    You failed to address the millions of kina stolen at Mt Hagen Technical College.

    You were a governing council member, TVET Secretary and Education Secretary.

    Instead you never stood tall against this corrupt practice but we see suspension, demotion and transferring of staff members and student leaders who spoke against this corrupt practice.

    You sent your lawyer to Hagen Tech to monitor, threaten and suppress staff and students but the good Lord always had the last say.

  • Where is the Phd my goodness, highly education with stinky and smelly ethical and moral standards. In fact this country is run down and crippled by the highly educated. Shame on him and get him behind the bar, he deserves that. No wonder education standards in this land is on the downward spiral.

  • It’s reallay shameful and disgusting to read about such people with big name tags attest to be responsible true leaders both in government, community and church organizations in fact roooted evil..evil evil all the way,

    Chirf Damaru, some of us know your integrity when it comes to doing your job diligently without favour therefore I’m pretty sure you will make sure that such culprits must pay for their crime for letting PNG down big big time..

  • Lots of hooligans with PHD holders ruining this very resourceful country to drain. They seemed to for get their standards and professionalism when their entirely surrender to political virus and selfishness.

    What a shame on you those highly qualified people committing such a crime.

  • We need to do a lot on the entire education system in this country but nothing eventuates. Consequently the standard of education is falling. No wonder the Education’s Boss is such a person who does not care about our young generation’s education. Send him behind bars as he’s not fit for the job.

  • Shame on him, bringing a bad name to his YAMKA tribe, the elite WESTERNHIGHLINDERS and png.
    Complete this investigation throughly and send him to jail

  • Send him to Bomana if guilty PNG don’t need such people who drag the country backwards by their greed. Shame on him highly educated thief.

  • Shame on you Dr how do you got your highest degree PhD and yet you acting like a street vendor. Shame on you. Face the consequences.

  • My school’s in the remote Jimi Valley are suffering and you with a PhD beating your chest in Port Moresby, approving corrupt payments for non delivery of vital learning material. You are a direct hindrance to the quality of education my sons and daughters deserved. You have taken that rights away. How are you going to make up for the loss time? What punishment is more fitting for you? Mipla ol bush lain bai continue to suffer na yupla ol town lain wantem PhD na Masters na Degree bai sindaun approvik corrupt deals na Salim ol pikinini blo yupla go lo Gudla expensive schools? Ah? What is wrong with you educated people up there? I’d better hunt these kind of corrupt people with bullets, killing in the name of taking back PNG.

  • As the Departmental Head of the Department of which he is head, he cannot escape justice under the express provisions of Section 5 Duties & Responsibilities required by the Public Finances (Management) Act 1995.
    Therefore, whether or not he directly had his hand in the till, the Section 5 law stated above compels him to be vicariously responsible on all counts regardless of who did what and should be held to account and must be properly investigated and criminally prosecuted for his failure to perform duties and as such, must be held criminally liable for his actions or non-actions.

  • People in high places committing crime that affects the education of all children in the country must be locked up in the cell and no bail. Why does he have to be bailed when a very serious has been committed. Its like killing all the children of Paua New Guinea. The justice system of this country is sickening.

  • It is the highly educated and top shots that are thinking and benefiting themselves by doing all these dirty games..
    Come to think of it, they are just too selfish chasing all these monies, and are they not thinking about our future generations that we all are fucking like dogs and producing like nobody’s business to at least give them a proper education that they may someday put up our flag for the world to see in terms of their educational output?
    What a sad story…

  • PNG is still corrupt. Greed and self-concern is highly valued by our good leaders. It embarrsssing to investigate such a gòod man to put on the globe. Everytime such news are circulating around the media and it is made known to the world which is a reflection of who we are. That’s great. Continue on

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