K5,000 funding for Minj health centre

Highlands, Normal


A COMMUNITY leader donated K5,000 to the Minj Health Centre on Monday to buy bedding.
Barrick Gold Ltd employee Paul Andaku said he read about the plight of the centre in The National two weeks ago and decided to respond with aid as a community leader.
Mr Andaku presented a cheque to the centre’s interim board of governors and said: “As a community leader, citizen and elite from Minj, I felt obliged to assist when the need arose.”
He said there would be more help from him for the centre if the money was put to good use.
He also challenged community leaders and youths to look after the centre and other public amenities, including Minj High School, Minj District Court house and other public institutions.
Mr Andaku gave K5,000 to Minj High School last year.
Board chairman Andrew Gele thanked Mr Andaku for his generosity and assured him that the funds would be used to buy bed sheets, pillows, repair broken beds and other needs for the ward.
Mr Gele, who took over the health centre after the Evangelical Brotherhood church abandoned the facility three years ago, said since the establishment of the health centre, it had not received any funding from any source until Mr Andaku.
“The provincial and local level government have neglected this centre. Even the local MP had failed to help to the centre since he first entered Parliament in 2004,’’ Mr Gele said.
“I am so grateful that someone with a generous heart has come on board to help.”