K5,000 given to lucky winner

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By TROY TAULE UPNG journalism student

DIGICEL PNG in partnership with Trukai Industries this week presented K5,000 to a winner of the weekly cash prize in their “Look in to win” promotion.
This week’s lucky winner, Julianne Owally from Eastern Highlands said at the presentation that she had been buying the 1kg Roots rice and texting in the code word to Digicel to either win free credits or the weekly cash prize.
“Mi gat bikpela hamamas na tok tenk yu igo long Trukai na Digicel PNG long kamapim dispela promosen long halivim mipela. Dispela moni bai halivim mi long lukautim ol kakaruk, baim skul fee bilong ol pikinini na tu baim ol seedling long mekim gaden,” Owally said.
(“I am happy and thankful to Trukai and Digicel PNG for coming up with the promotion to help us. The money will help me with my poultry project, pay for my children’s school fees and also pay for my vegetables seedlings for my garden.”)
The Trukai Digicel promotion started this month and will continue through to January.
There will be a weekly winner of K5,000 cash prize and more than 15,000 winners of free credits drawn each week.
All entries will be entered into the grand draw which is to be held on Jan 15.
To enter this promotion, customers have to purchase specially marked Roots rice packs with the Digicel logo, look inside for the hidden magic word and text this word to short code ‘7423’ to be in the draw to win.