K5,000 worth of properties stolen from police station

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PROPERTIES worth more than K5,000 were burgled from the Wewak Police Station last week.
East Sepik police commander Supt Albert Beli told The National that the burglars went through the window at the back of the station and gained entry by breaking in on Wednesday.
They stole a printer, a computer set and an extension cord.
Beli said the police station had officers working during the day shift only, from Monday-Friday after the station cell was condemned by health authorities, because there was blockage.
He said the traffic and the prosecution divisions were still working at the station – only from 8am-4pm during week days.
Beli said investigation on the burglary was continuing.
He suspected that it was an inside job.
“Why are we stealing the properties that will help keep the province safe for the people of East Sepik?
“This is not right and I want the public to assist the police with information so those involved can face the law,” Beli said.
The properties that were stolen were inside the traffic office.
Officer in-charge of Traffic Chief Sgt Pius Imai said he was not happy with what had happened, because important documents kept in the computer were gone.


  • The true sign of corrupted police leader plus officers. They provide security but they can not provide security for them self. So funny!!! A suggestion is that, Commander and prominent police leaders should be removed. It is a bad news from law enforcers.

  • Stealing right under the PPCs nose and he is asking for sympathy from the public?..what a joke. If the PPC and his band of day dream officers can’t work the night shift I’m sorry to say but we have more problems coming up during this festive season. Sepiks brace yourself for the coming storm.!

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