K500,000 bridge for Jimi villages

Highlands, Normal


THE people of Tambibuga, Amblina and Kol in the Jimi district, Western Highlands province, will get a new bridge worth K500,000 at Moklu River thanks to their MP Wake Goi.
The old bridge was swept away two weeks ago by a flood following heavy rain that caused the river to burst its banks.
Food gardens, domestic animals and properties worth thousands of kina were also destroyed.
Mr Goi told The National last week at the scene that it was very
sad that his people were cut off from basic Government services.
He said a police station, schools and health centres located on the other side of the river were also affected.
“People should not blame the Government or anyone because it is a natural disaster.
“Because key Government services are located on the other side of the river, it was urgent to restore the bridge link,” he said.
He said the old bridge was constructed during the colonial days and served the bulk of the Jimi population.
Mr Goi also called upon the neighbouring Moilinga tribe to look after the equipment “when construction starts this week”.
“The people must also refrain from demanding compensation.
“Just let the service flow,” he added.
Mr Goi said the Works Department and the locals were assigned to build the bridge.
He also assured his constituents that he would help those affected by the floods in some way or another should the National Disaster Office not respond.
Around 60,000 people were affected by the floods.