K500,000 sought to help the battle against crime


THE Lae law-and-order committee yesterday presented two documents to authorities to assist them with funding to carry out awareness programmes during the Christmas and New Year periods.
The documents, a funding submission and an operations plan, were presented to Ahi local level government (LLG) president Sam Agi at the Malahang Technical School.
Committee acting-chairman Sam Gani said the submission, which was submitted to the Lae district and copied to Huon Gulf and Nawaeb and the Morobe government, was for the operations of more than 1600 officers in the 23 wards of the city.
This included the Ahi LLG.
“We have requested for K500,000,” Gani said.
“From this money, K20,000 will be allocated to each ward and K40,000 will be used by executives for administration expenses.
“We will carry out awarenesses, cleanups and weeding out of illicit activities such as steam (homebrew) production and consumption in our respective communities.
“We will be working closely with police and refer matters to them via their hotline number.”
Gani said they had worked as independent volunteers over many years.
In 2015, through the support of former MP Loujaya Kouza, they were funded by the district.
“We want this programme to continue this year with the new MP (John Rosso),” Gani said.
Agi said he would take up the matter with Rosso and Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr.
Agi said he was happy to work with the committee because he had seen the good work it was doing with little government support.