K600mil is not the only solution

Letters, Normal

SOUTHERN Highlands province Governor Anderson Agiru’s plans to raise K600 million from bonds overseas is commendable.
However, K600 million is a lot of money and it is not easy to raise such a huge sum unless there is a clear plan and an effective implementation team.
Until now, no one has seen the plan for Hela city, Kikori-Ialibu Highway, etc.
How do we know that it will cost K600 million to do all that?
Are these projects the best way to invest the money (cost/benefit) versus other available potential impact projects?
Are the costs estimated correct?
Is the timeframe realistic?
We need to ensure the plans are developed properly before we seek loans overseas, because loans carry interest and we need to pay them back at some stage.
Money and plans will not solve the problems if the project tools are not effective.
The provincial public service system in SHP is poor and there is a high level of corruption where allocated funds are not reaching the respective projects.
Here are some suggestions for Mr Agiru:
1. Develop and implement a plan to revamp the public services within two years to enable them to deliver goods and services to the people. This way, once funds are allocated, the governor will be assured they will translate into tangible developments;
2. Develop business ties for all impact projects to ensure they make an impact or deliver long-term results; and
3. Develop a long-term plan on how to manage the loan repayments.
If these are done, the governor can be assured that his legacy will remain long into the future.


PNG futurist
Port Moresby