K7.8mil health upgrade for Vanimo GH

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

IMPROVED health services and better facilities are on the way for West Sepik following the announcement of a K7.8 million upgrade to the provincial hospital.
The incentive fund is a joint PNG and Australian initiative that already this year has funded almost K50 million in upgrades to vital heath and education infrastructure across the country.
National Planning and District Development Minister Paul Tiensten said this initiative emphasised his government’s commitment to improving health infrastructure and services in PNG.
“Health is a development priority for the government. Vanimo hospital is a high performing hospital which has demonstrated that with appropriate funding levels it can deliver quality clinical services to the people of West Sepik,” he said. 
Vanimo General Hospital will receive a new two-storey administration building, which will contain dental and X-ray services, conference facilities and hospital management.
In addition, 48 new nurses accommodation rooms will be built.
A new social support service building will improve access to health care and advice for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.
To strengthen the administration and management of the hospital, a local area network will be set up to establish a computerised payroll system.
Hospital chief executive officer Elias Kapavore said the grant marked a significant milestone in the hospital’s history.
“This support will help the hospital retain good staff and improve their performance which will have a positive impact on service delivery,” he said.
“Australia is helping PNG improve the quality of its healthcare systems and services and part of that support involves major infrastructure and clinical upgrades like this one at Vanimo General Hospital,” AusAID counsellor Dave Vosen said at the signing ceremony.
“Australia will build 32 new health posts and upgrade 128 rural health facilities and staff housing in eight provinces this year, which underlines our commitment to helping PNG’s health sector.”