K80 million HQ a matter of pride for new province

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

 THEā€ˆHela provincial government must be congratulated for securing K80 million to build its headquarters building. 

Hela was granted  provincial status by the national government in 2011 after many years of talking since the early 1970s. 

Hela got its legendary gas signed off for commercialisation with ExxonMobil as the developer and operator.

With the construction phase of the project winding down, the the first sales of gas is keenly anticipated next year.

The emergence of Hela’s headquarters building at a cost of K80 million is a massive investment. 

The emergence of the building infrastructure is logical as it symbolises the “hausman” where the Hela leadership will congregate and discuss Hela’s development. 

I commend the national government under Peter O’Neill for providing the K80 million project grant. 

I commend the government for  awarding the contract to a world-class contractor in CCJV. 

Hela is confident CCJV will deliver the infrastructure within the timetable.

I commend Governor Anderson Agiru for staying behind the wheel and making things happen. 

Every Hela person must harness and embrace the opportunity to take ownership of the province and move it forward. 

Development is not an invention by rocket scientists.

It is about common sense among all people. 

It has to start with attitude and character development. 

The people element must change. 

Attitudes in the civil service must change. 

Politicians, too, must not and should not expect miracles from public servants. 

Congratulations to Governor Anderson Agiru for mastering a clear direction for Hela for today and the future.


Hela Eagle