K800,000 for light project

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IMBONGGU MP Pila Niningi says he wants his people, especially children, to be able to read or study at nights.
Yesterday, the district gave additional K800,000 for electrification programmes in different areas.
He said K300,000 was for the Kaka to Kero project within the Ialibu Basin and K500,000 was for the Lipenomu to Piambil electrification project.
Niningi said the funds were additional to what was paid for the electrification programmes in his Southern Highlands district since 2018.
PNG Power Ltd (PPL) managing director Flagon Bekker said: “PPL, we take our responsibility to the community very seriously.
“These two projects are an indication of how we work with community with our partners in government to deliver on the ground.
“The low level of electrification in the country is something that is not acceptable to PPL or our shareholders or our partners.
“Those two projects are an example of how we can accelerate electrification by working together and we really appreciate the funding, the help at the practical level on the ground for our project team and in the end I believe we need more partners such as the minister.
“The two projects are close to distribution level, it’s close to where people are.
“These are projects that actually connect people to the grid.
“One is a 3km and another is a 23km.”
Niningi, who is the Minister of Inter Government Relations and Justice and Attorney-General, said he wanted to light up his district through the rollout of electrification projects to complement other developments taking place in sectors such as education and health.
He said once the project was completed, it would benefit more than 50,000 people.
“The people living in this area are some of the most marginalised people when it comes to Government service delivery,” he said.


  • Good. This is one of the agent to stimulate socio-economic development. Same living standard in towns can be enjoyed by our rural sectors through this power connection.

  • Good on you IMBONGGU MP Pila Niningi for that important project. You have your people at heart, especial the future leaders of you communities and electorate for that matter. As Maxwell put it, it will stimulate socio-economic development in the rural areas.

    Alotau Open MP where is our rural electrification monies gone to! Has it change its meaning and now serving your political interest to keep you in Parliament..? Its being donkeys years we had about it …never to be seen.

  • Congratulations to minister Niningi, you a doing a marvelous task in improving the lively hood of people living within the corridors of those target zones. I personally know our living standard will be similar to urban centres which electricity is the stimulating factor. Proud of your leadership in development and service delivery.

  • As a New Zealand taxpayer, I am quite pleased to see our taxes are going to the electrification programme that our former Deputy PM promised to the people of Papua New Guinea.

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