K97,000 delivered with hope to help children’s mental health


CITY Mission’s New Life Children Centre has received K97,000 from international courier company DHL through its PNG office, an official says.
Idau Raka, DHL PNG Lae’s field sales officer, when making the donation, said she hoped the funds would create programmes to help with the mental health of children at the centre.
“Children here come from very abusive backgrounds with trauma and I notice they don’t provide trauma counselling services in the centre,” she said.
“I’m hoping this donation will create programmes to help children with their mental health which is very important for their wellbeing so after leaving the centre, they can manage better their mental health.”
Raka added that her family had been involved with the centre since 2017.
“A friend introduced me to the centre and I immediately felt that I should bring my children to visit these children because in reality mine are privileged in terms of having an education, three meals a day and a home compared to those at the centre.”
Raka’s relationship with the centre captured the attention of the company through its “DHL’s got heart” platform.
Raka said the platform recognised employees who went out of their way to give back to the community in their own time.
She entered the competition platform in 2020 and won which saw the PNG office donating about K3,900 initially.
This year, DHL Express and DHL Global came through with a €25,000 euro donation (about K97,000) to the cause.