Kabwum make welfare a priority

Momase, Normal


THE Kabwum community of Lae, Morobe province,  is intending to set up a welfare association to address social problems.
This association will work towards curbing the law and order problems within Lae city.
Community leaders Steven Poipe and Silas Prongi said several incidences in the past involving law and order in Lae had been directed to the Kabwums without reliable reasons, and this had given a bad name to the innocent people of Kabwum.
They said at times, Kabwum was “used as a shield” by criminals.
They hope that the association will improve and maintain dialogue with law and order representatives and law enforcement agencies.
They said the networking would allow for proper procedures to be followed when a situation demanded.
The leaders said presently, individuals were taking the law into their own hands.
“An association will allow for the leaders to take the lead in addressing the problem. This will avoid any further problems,” Mr Poipe said.
He admitted that some of their youths roam the streets and were involved in crime.
Mr Poipe said “these people are only human” and their problems should be looked at instead of being shunned and ignored by the Government.
The leaders said part of the associations aim was to create and locate employment for these disadvantaged youths.
The leaders encouraged all people of Kabwum in the city to register with the association so that their needs could be addressed.