Kabwum MP visits school in Rai Coast

Lae News, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011


THE Teptep Primary School in the highlands of Rai Coast district, Madang, was given some money at the weekend by Kabwum MP, Bob Dadae.

He said it was a token of appreciation for serving school children from his electorate.

Dadae, who is also Minister for Defence, said while making the donation last Saturday that many children from Yus local level government, which falls under his electorate in Morobe, attended the school because it was closer and more accessible.

He made the pledge at a reception at Keweng village where a reconciliation feast was held for him and former Kabwum MP Ginson Saonu.

After Dadae’s win in the last general elections, Saonu had taken the matter to the Court of Disputed Returns saying there were flaws in the election but the court ruled that it was in order.

The leaders had not been on talking terms and the ceremony on Saturday was to mend relations.

The court had also ruled that Saonu pay Dadae K64,000 in costs but Dadae, amid his challenger’s stronghold of Yus, wrote off the bill saying it was not necessary.

The minister also commissioned a working committee that would be in charge of the establishment of a Keweng Lutheran High School. 

Currently, students from Yus had to walk for two days to attend the Markham Valley High School or Kabwum High school. 

The establishment of the school would be a boost for people on the area.

Dadae told the 10 villages that gathered that he was also committed to building a Wantoat High School, in the highlands of Markham district, if Keweng did not get off the ground first.