Kadovar pupils to study in tents after school kicks them out


School children displaced by the Kadovar volcano in East Sepik a month ago will be taught at a care centre at Wewak, says acting provincial administrator Richard Kombo after learning that the children have been pulled out of Sirr Primary School by the Kadovar School Board.
“Sirr Primary School Board allowed our children to attend classes in their school, but the Kadovar School Board, without any explanation, pulled them out,” he said.
Kombo said the children would be taught in tents at Dandan care centre while classrooms were built.
“We will put up tents for temporary classrooms. We will then build semi-permanent classrooms for them,” Kombo, the Provincial Disaster Committee chairman, said. Sirr Primary is the only school in the host community. It is only three kilometres from Dandan care centre.
Thirty-two per cent of the 691 people who moved from Kadovar are children aged between five and 17 years. Kadovar Primary head teacher Beven Fandim said the school had a roll of 151.
Meanwhile, Governor Allan Bird said Wewak District is in the process of taking over the care centre and has received K4 mil-
lion from the national government.

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