‘Kadovar volcano erupting at low levels’


THE Kadovar volcano in East Sepik continues to erupt at low levels and has settled into a stable situation since it first erupted on Jan 14, the Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO) says.
In its situation report yesterday, the RVO said: “Eruptive activity continues at low levels.
“It has settled into a reasonable stable situation, but it is still possible for there to be variations in eruptive strength.
“The occurrence of possibly deeper high frequency and highbred seismic events starting on the 31st and continuing indicates the eruption is still dynamic.”
RVO also said the main crater produced continuous moderate emissions of thick white vapour clouds, rising 20m before being blown to the south-east.
“There is a steady continuous dull glow observed at night and no noise was heard from any vent during the reporting period,” the report stated.
“The western vent and southern vent were obscured by fume from the main crater.
“A continuous white steam plume is rising from the south-east coastal vent to 10m above the island and is then blown to the southeast.”
Ash was also emitted on the collapsed edges of the lava flow in “occasional puffs” while the lava flow glowed dull red at night.
The RVO describe the weather at Kadovar as clear during the day but showers at night.
“Mainly steam with minor ash is being emitted and is being blown to the south-east. A weak plume extends for a few tens of kilometres,” the report stated.
“There is a slight possibility that small tsunamis may be generated, but the situation is stabilising.”

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