Kai bars selling unhygienic food

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THE National Capital District Commission has admitted that small kai bars operating in the city are selling food that is not fit for human consumption.
It also told the parliamentary bipartisan committee inquiry into the Asian riots that it was aware of abuse of young girls at nightclubs, which NCDC is planning to clamp down with police and Censorship Board assistance.
The NCDC also admitted that numerous small businesses were trading without licences.
Visco Alu, manager licencing division with the commission, told the inquiry that NCDC was empowered under health regulations to check on food outlets.
He said due to a staff shortage, the commission could not cover all food outlets.
He said currently, the NCDC carried out two inspections a year with the current two staff within the enforcement and monitoring unit.
“We do get complaints from the public about the quality of food served in these shops and health division does the checks.”
He said notices were then served on the owners and the licencing division then issued a warning of a suspension of the licence if they did not improve.
Mr Alu said the NCDC was aware of the reports of abuse of young girls, when asked by the inquiry whether nightclubs and even small shops employed young girls who were then abused by their employers.
He said the NCDC had plans to start clamping down on these activities and would be seeking assistance from police and the Censorship Board.
He admitted that numerous businesses including nightclubs were operating without licences or approval from the Lands, Physical Planning and Building Board.
Mr Alu said when a business applies for a licence to conduct business, it must provide proof of IPA registration, land or building title before a licence is approved.
He said registered businesses totalled more than 700 and there were less than 200 liquor outlets.
Mr Alu said because of lack of capacity, resources and staffing, it could not do much in terms of inspections.