Kainantu hospital needs competent staff

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 12, 2011

THE second biggest hospital in Eastern Highlands is the Kainantu Rural Hospital.
It is not only serving the people of Kainantu but also those from Henganofi and Obura-Wonenara.
We need competent people to run the hospital.
Unfortunately, that is the big­gest problem in the hospital.
I based my arguments on the following:
i. In-patient safety: The hospital is not safe for in-patients at night. Des­pite the security fencing, thieves are frequently en­tering the hospital because of poor security services. Ward patients and new mothers or those in labour are constantly living in fear. The management is aware of this yet it is not doing anything to ensure the safety of its patients;
ii. Absenteeism and un­profes­sionalism: Staff at­tendance is poor. They come to work when­ever they like and absenteeism is very high. In fact, no­body cares to monitor at­ten­dance. Out-patient de­partment is the worse and you hardly see quality work and professionalism. The cholera treatment unit wins the worst performing department hands down;
iii. Water and sanitation: The hospital lacks clean water and good sanitation. There is no pro­per toilet. Water is a problem, so is the disposal of rubbish; and
iv. Abuse of property: The hospital’s property is constantly being abused. The vehicle is treated like a taxi.
I call on the provincial health authority to remove the current management team and bring in competent people.
The people have suffered enough.


Patient’s guardian