Kainantu looters incited by activist

Letters, Normal

THE barbaric looting and burning of a foreign-owned shop in Kainantu last week was a shameful act of lawlessness.
It speaks volumes of the poor getting poorer and, therefore, lacking respect for lawful rights of people to their assets.
The family that owned the shop must have been terribly terrorised by the hooligans.
This destruction came after Noel Anjo’s political campaign in Eastern Highlands against the supposed wrongs the government have perpetrated and are still perpetrating while in power.
The public have to be wary of activists like Anjo, who will use the poor for their political motives.
If such a person is elected into parliament, what guarantee is there that he will not work against foreign-owned businesses in our country either through mobilisation of the poor as happened in Port Moresby last year or pass legislation to nationalise foreign-owned businesses like what has transpired in Zimbabwe in recent years?


Joe Keto
Port Moresby