Kainantu must look for other source

Letters, Normal

The National

Water is man’s most basic need and while the landowners may have the right to turn off the taps over outstanding compensation claims, they should go about doing it in a more professional way.
They should take the matter up to the rightful authorities through their community leaders to address the issue and come up with an amicable agreement and response rather than making the people of Kainantu suffer through no fault of theirs.
Stopping the water supply should be the last resort after all avenues have been exhausted.
The landowners are also enjoying whatever services provided by the Government.
The residents of Kainantu town have suffered long enough and the continuous sabotage of the water supply cannot continue.
The authorities must look for other sources of water.
Among them include Anona, Oroge and Bundaira.
Another option would be to hand over the operation of the water supply reticulation system to PNG Waterboard because it has the capacity to
handle and supply clean and safe water.
Lastly, the K10 million water supply project approved by the European Union is awaiting for counter funding and it should be a matter of paramount importance for the Member for Kainantu.
He should seek funds quickly to push forward this project.


Anona Iyampon