Kairuku district gets independence gift from local MP

National, Normal

THE Inauabui primary school and aid post in Mekeo in the Kairuku district received a special Independence gift of K20,000 each from local MP Paru Aihi on Wednesday. 
The K20,000 cheque for Inauabui Primary School will be used to build an additional classroom while the other K19,800 for the Inauabui aid post will be used to construct a new house for a health worker.
The member, who was in his electorate to present the cheque said that he had and would continue to deliver services in his electorate but the people needed to rise up and make a change in their communities.
He said that everyone should  make a start now to elevate their standard socially, economically and spiritually.
“I’m doing well in terms of service delivery  but the only impediment is the vast land mass with a huge population which makes it very difficult to equally distribute in a very short term with limited funding,” he said.
He said it was also difficult to serve the 400 villages in the district which had outstanding services  but  he would attempt  to actually get the projects off the ground.
However, he said he would use this year’s K2 million DSIP fund to deliver more services as budgeted by the joint district budget priority committee (JDBPC).