Kairuru school resumes classes

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

STUDENTS attending St Xavier’s High School on Kairuru Island, East Sepik, have been urged to return to school by today in preparation for classes to resume later this week.
Classes for grades nine and 10 were temporarily suspended last Tuesday after locals from the area vandalised water pipes and the main reservoir, causing a disruption to the school’s water supply.
Provincial education advisor Joseph Auli allowed students to go home while workmen repaired the broken pipes.
The students were sent home as the school could not afford to accommodate them in unhygienic conditions, especially when there was no water for cooking, toilet and shower facilities.
Auli was not available for comment yesterday as he was attending the provincial education advisors’ conference in West New Britain.
However, in a community service announcement on the local radio station, the school urged students to return.
The school’s management said workmen had completed repairs and the water supply was back to normal.