Kai’s journey as security guard to security firm owner


JAMES Kai managed to complete only grade 8 but the 47-year-old from Chuave district in Chimbu did not let that limit his potential and dreams in life.
Kai lives in Lae and was employed as a security guard by the Guard Dog Security Services Ltd for almost seven years.
He later realised that he could start his own security business.
Kai approached the Chuave district administration for financial assistance in 2012.
“I would like to thank our local Member for Chuave Wera Mori for the SME programme rollout in the district since 2013,” he said.
“It was under this funding allocation that I was able to start my security firm. I started this security firm in 2012, and had branched out to Port Moresby.
“I’m confident that I will soon move to other centres in the country.”
His Roots Security Services now employs 49 security officers in Lae and recently opened an office in Port Moresby.
Chuave district SME chairman Kerewane Ami said from the district services improvement programme in 2013, the firm was initially allocated a funding capital of K10,000.
“From 2014 to 2016, the security had been allocated funding of K30,000 which accumulated to K100,000,” he said.
“We’ve given out similar amount to other small business owners in the district but I’m particularly impressed with how James had brought this security firm this far through the funding allocated to him for the business.
“He had proven that he can doing something big with the money that was put towards supporting small businesses in the district.”
The firm is engaged by business houses in Lae.
The company was recently engaged by few government departments in Port Moresby.