Kaiwi injured in jail: CS

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WILFUL murder suspect Bosip Kaiwi was allegedly assaulted inside Bomana Prison by warders, although Correctional Services Commissioner Stephen Pokanis described the injuries as “not that serious”.
Kaiwi, 25, facing a wilful murder charge in relation to her wife’s death at home in Port Moresby on June 23, was treated for his injuries at the Bomana jail clinic, Pokanis said.
He said warders allegedly punched him in the face at the Covid-19 isolation centre at Bomana.
Kaiwi was sent to be remanded there on July 1 after appearing before the Waigani Committal Court the previous day.
“His lawyer had visited him last week and saw his condition and wrote to me saying that Kaiwi needs to be taken to a health centre,” Pokanis said.
“Kaiwi was taken to the health centre at Bomana prison. Health officers gave him antibiotics and panadol.” He said the wounds were “not that serious”.
“I will call those warders and warn them not to do that again,” Pokanis said.
“Kaiwi is not dangerous or a high-risk prisoner. It is the negative (social and mainstream) media hype centred on him that might have affected the warders’ behaviour towards him.
“The media is uncontrollable and I have cautioned my warders not to use force on any prisoner.”
Pokanis said Kaiwi was at the prison isolation centre located inside the CS Training College in Bomana.
“He is with 18 prisoners transferred there from the Daru prison in Western (after it) was condemned by the Western Provincial Health Authority.”
He said Kaiwi was not being given any special treatment.
“He is in a correctional services institution. He is not in a hotel,” he said.


  • “Not Dangerous”? He tortured his partner for 6days straight. Who in the right mindset would do that? A normal person would still have sympathy for his/her partner still after seeing him/her suffer to an extent.
    Well that’s on him, he should have thought about all that before torturing his partner.
    It is also the usual behaviour of warders to inmates, no special treatment. That is where people change, they break you and they shape you; rehabilitation. This has been a norm for all other inmates that goes in for rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc… Other inmates before him were abused, no one brought it to light, what makes him so different from the rest. no special treatment.

  • The murderer should ask other inmates on how they were treated when they first entered the prison. Stop making excuses! Face it as a man! Accept the fact that you are in a prison because you committed murder. I guess the Wardens are just doing their normal job called “welcome ceremony”

  • Other people who get assaulted in prison don’t have their incidents on national paper, why is this coward treated differently. Perhaps now he will know what it is like to be on the receiving end of being assaulted.

  • Why is he reporting a very minor issue?????? Let him feel the consequences of his own actions…… . That’s exactly how painful it was when he treated he’s partner that why,,,,, so why is he crying…………..

  • It is downright disgraceful and woefully ignorant for the Commissioner of the CS to even suggest the prisoner was not even dangerous or high risk after he just killed and murdered another human being who was much weaker and vulnerable than him. He should have his daughter marry this fool. He is also just so ignorant about the law that he says he will just talk to his undisciplined men for doing what they just did. Why can’t he start by suspending his men and investigating the issue of assault? It is both unlawful and unprofessional for warders to behave like the criminals and murderers they are supposed to be correcting. When our government institutions are run by idiots appointed by politicians, we get such utter foolishness back. It is disgusting and embarrassing.

  • “I will call them not to do it again”. Are you serious!? Seems like you’re talking to 5 year kid? How do they appoint this kind of people? No management skills at all. Very dump and stupid!

    • Agree! i mean i have no problem that they punched him in the face i wish they did more damage. But for the CS Commissioner to say “ill talk to them…” hmmm there needs to be some sort of discipline process they should go through instead of a mere “talk”. But then again, we dont know the kind of people these CS officers deal with daily.

  • The CIS commissioner is as dumb as the lawyer representing the murderer. Why Publishing about a minor dismineanor on a murderer?

  • Impunity???
    CSC, stop this dirty games. Have you reported other injuries in the CIS or is this fellow special? Let him serve his terms. Stop making headlines, as a justification to get him out.

  • The lawyers are only after money trying to defend a murderer – stupid fools!! Some lawyers, especially the idiot representing the murderer, are well educated to consciously decide on representing right from wrong but cant reason well. Do you ever feel guilty you’re defending a wrong course? Maybe someone torture and murder your daughter then you wake up to your senses!

    The parents of this murderer who are obviously behind sponsoring the defence lawyers should be exposed as well for condoning, embracing and promoting murder. You both failed big time in preventing this murder and as it that wasn’t enough now you go one step further by financing lawyers to defend your murderer son. You both should be hanging your heads in shame – you’re no better than your son – your son, yourselves, the lawyers representing your son and the law firm these defense lawyers are representing are all murderers yourselves!!

  • It is a BIG SHAME for the murder parents to hide in their comfort zone and started pushing their money every where to set their barbarian son free.What is more valuable? Is it life or money?

    You will never escape from your wrong doings,Bosip Kaiwi even if you are set free by the power of your parents money.The nature is always watching and no one on this planet earth is above the law of nature.What goes around always comes around so be careful with what ever decision you make today.

  • And he’s given special treatment after being punch or whatever in the prison. I’m wondering if others were served the same before? or is he the only one to break the record for that?

  • TRIALED BY THE MEDIA:_ Commentators here and the public at large, please lets allow the justice system to take its course. Every offender/suspect is presumed not guilty until decided otherwise by the courts. From reports in the mainstream and social media many people have already concluded that the suspect is guilty and should be locked up straight away to start serving his time without him being afforded his constitutional rights to be trialed before a court of law to decide his fate. Right now it is only a presumption that he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt for the crime that he is alleged to have committed. However, him and his lawyer will have their day in court to plead his case before a judge. Who knows, he may plead guilty and opt for a plea bargain to be trialed and penalized for a lesser charge OR he may have his defenses and plead NOT guilty and challenge the charges with his witnesses and evidence. Leave him be, Do not try to already assume the role of judge and jury to dish out your own form of punishment. At this point in time he is only a remandee and not yet a convicted prisoner. Warders do not provide the grounds and means for him to be excused from Bomana to be out on humanitarian grounds because of your doings. Bottom line is ALLOW the justice system to take its course and Let us not trial him by the media or by public opinion.

  • It the normal practice for warders to tame an inhuman and satanic murderer . I praise the warders for giving him lessons so when he come out of the prison, he will be a good citizen. There is nothing wrong for punching or slapping a wild human being entering prison camps.

  • It is the normal practice for warders to tame an inhuman and satanic murderer . I praise the warders for giving him first hand lesson so when he come out of the prison, he will be a good citizen. There is nothing wrong for warders punching or slapping a wild human being when entering prison camps.

  • I’m sure the CS Commissioner is a good man – his words just didn’t come out right. For Bosipe’s injuries, he damn well deserves it!! Did he think that CS officers are soft and easy -going people?

  • This CIS Commissioner must really have some guts to say that a man who tortured his girlfriend to death is not a dangerous and high risk prisoner. He is a brutal killer and murderer… How else would.you like to compare him? And he has the audacity to seek medical treatment for a scratch will his girlfriend is beaten to death and dumped at the hospital like a piece of garbage. If wished they had punch him all aver his body.

  • CIS Commissioner intention is on the other of his Job as politically appointed and thats why he is showing his side of this issue to maintain power. You are solely given power to protect every citizen of this for any criminal offence as stated in the constitution. Your level of looking into PNG issue is very poor. Why commissioner is putting in media for the culprit that every citizen hate and is burning in their heat. He deserved any treatment as part of crime that he does. Commissioner you need to talk about awareness for the violence instead of putting media for such little thing.

  • You commit murder which a inhuman and barbaric and unlawful you should be given a death penalty,you are lucky so don’t complain about this small correction that you have received from warders. Be like a man and accept discipline. You said you was a lucifer so don’t mine such act by warders.

  • I am so amazed that the suspect is labelled a murderer. Well all of you should be labelled as ‘Character assassinators’. Oh PNG, planti konn man na meri ipulap!

  • Bosip is already in custody, What about the doctor who attended to late Jenelyn at the suspect’s home and the 3 x accomplices of Bosip who helped him dump the Body at 3mile hospital,whats the latest now? Were they arrested?

    The National doctors association whats the latest of your investigation?

    PNG we need to put pressure for those accomplices to be arrested and prosecuted…

  • arrest the lawyer too, for preventing a well known wife killer, and rest of his cohorts like the doctors too who involved treating her or killing her by giving wrong medicines or injections.

  • Do not have sympathy for such criminals, he should be sent where the murders are lock him there and do not keep him there at some juvenile center. Training camp prison is not for him , he belongs to where the real murders are and if you claim that he is not not in a hotel, where is locked up now is still a special treatment to him compared to what he had done.

  • Em normal ya ol warder sa paitim ol kalabus lon em ol mekim ya na em wanem kain important man na upla putim lo news?????????????????// What is the difference between this guy and other prisoners?????????????/
    Salut to warders..

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